Favorite Shots

A week or two ago I took these picture for my brother's family. They are one of my favorite groups to photograph, and it's been since Oscar was born that we've done family pictures! Five of my favorite little kid faces, that all look so much like their parents. What a good looking group! I can't contain my excitement for number six to arrive, either. Next week we find out girl or boy! After four girls we all cheered for baby Oscar, but girl or boy, it's bound to be insanely beautiful and we'll just keep praying for a healthy, easy arrival. And that'll be good enough for me.

I learned a new thing or two about Lightroom while I was editing this batch! I feel like they're really up a notch from the last group of pictures I took - always good to keep moving forward, right? And my last comment on these pictures is on that one! - two up, of Zac looking over at Heather while she's smiling at the kids. KICK ME. That kind of family love doesn't just come along every day. That picture, as my little sister says, hits me right in the feels. 

Happy Sunday, friends! Spend it with the ones you love the most.


November // Currently

Reading // Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl. And it's as amazing as everyone told me it was. I'm laughing, she's forcing me to stretch my brain into new shapes, and each chapter leaves me feeling like I know myself just a little bit better. Highly recommend.

Craving // Water. My younger self would be side eyeing myself for being so uncool as to say that, but I never find the time to drink enough water during the day. Short of carrying a gallon around with me, and being that crazy person drinking out of a gallon jug, I don't know how I'll ever overcome this.

Listening to // Christmas music. No shame. And of course, 1989. Because it's magic and will probably, forever, be my favorite November album. Pairs quite nicely with a little Mumford + Sons or a self-indulgent One Direction jam sesh.

Enjoying // Spark! Every minute, ever hour, my brain is occupied. Working, planning, maintaining sight of the big picture while diligently attacking list after list of tiny, tedious to-do's. Spark! is a dream I've had for longer than I've known, and to see it start to take shape is everything to me. We're in the process of working with Hannah at Pommel Lane on our new design. She's talented beyond what my brain can understand, and she's one of the best people I've ever met through blogging. I'm lucky to call her a "real life" friend! December 1st our new design will go live on a new, bigger, fancier site with room for a full time Spark! blog and several other rad things we won't announce until the site is live. Because that's half the fun, isn't it? Tell me you're following along. I want to share it with you!

Thinking about // Thanksgiving. I can't believe it's so soon! This month is really clipping along, despite my best efforts to make it stay forever. Life is so good right now - I'm immersed in a passion project that's becoming a self-started business from sun up to well past when I should be in bed, and the whole time I'm working on it I'm with my sister and partner, and life doesn't get any better than her. Thomas and I are settled into our new place, referring to it as home is coming easily and slowly but surely we're navigating the crock pot. Life is good, life is fun, life is easy, life is beautiful. Keep on coming at me, I say.

Wanting // New sweatpants. Again with the lame! But seriously, I've spent the last 48 hours trying not to cave in to the Target desire and get my hands on some fluffy, warm, new for winter sweatpants. My resolve is wearing thin.

Eating // All manner of meals right now as we attempt to figure out how to cook in the morning and eat at night. Most of our crock pot ventures have been a bust, so if you have any great ones in mind I'd love to hear about them!

Planning // A trip to DC in just a few short weeks for Thomas' 26th birthday! Really, truly looking forward to this. Time off of work for him, off of Spark! for me, away from our usual routine and exploring a still pretty new to us city. Holiday decorations! Piping hot food and cold hands and mittens and maybe snow. I can't wait.

Drinking // In light of Thomas' weird new work schedule, attempting to sleep at odd hours so we sort of see each other most days, and working on Spark! at all hours, I'm back on the coffee train. Limiting myself to two cups a day! So far, no anxiety, no headaches, nothing but pure love flowing into my mug each morning. Come to mama.

Desiring // To finish this weekend with a solid plan for Christmas gifts, and a date night.

Looking forward to // The Spark! launch on December 1st, all the work we have going into it between now and then, Thanksgiving with my sister's family and then my in-law's, Thomas' birthday, our holiday traditions, Christmas prep/decorating/celebrating, getting the dining room painted...I could go on and on, but I won't. I'm just to lucky to say that my whole life right now is wonderful. And I'm looking forward to all of it and celebrating what's happening right now is my key to not letting any of it pass by unnoticed.