A day with Nomi

Since Thomas and I moved into our new condo and are no longer sharing living space with my niece and nephews, it's been of top priority that we see them as frequently as possible. Because it's always the people you live the closest to that it's the easiest to cancel plans with, right? With that in mind, we've started this routine where each week Nomi (who is 3, has an incredible vocabulary, and likes to talk about his Halloween costume) comes to play at my house on Thursdays. It's a nice way for me to end my week, and it gives Mackenzie (my sister) a break from having a three year old for the day. Which, if you have any experience with that adorable age, you understand.

When I picked him up this morning he was ready to go with his packed bag, a puffy winter coat, and a pink and purple scarf. He talked my ear off about their puppy, monster trucks, his sister's Halloween costume, and when the topic switched to his mama he said "My mommy sure is one sweet girl." Charmer.

Armed with dozens of q-tips, a paint tray from the dollar store, and a bag of potato chips we lived this day up and down. We glued popsicle sticks to construction paper and watched Despicable Me to distract him from that awkward if he naps he'll never sleep tonight point in the day. Entertaining a three year old is always a little intimidating to me, but the trick seems to be going at his pace and answering the same question fifty times in a twenty minute period.

And tonight! Before I dropped him off with his mama, we spent twenty minutes "looking for treasure" aka gravel and talking in pirate voices.



Home Again

Did you forget that I even had a blog? This past spring I really thought that I needed a change from blogging under Case Study. It came at a time that Thomas and I were both going through a lot of changes in our lives, from changing jobs to leaving jobs to going after grad school to moving to an entirely new town. I felt like I was coming to the end of something, and I needed to start fresh. In all areas of my life it was out with the old, and then one day in early October, I simply stopped feeling that way. One morning I was trying to find something else, and the next day I had done what I set out to do - and it actually didn't end up having anything to do with switching blogs, though I think it was a necessary step. Anyways, that was that. I miss this space. I'm back here. It's very nice to see you again. :)

I'm going to import all of my summer posts over to this blog in the next week or two, so if that absolutely floods your reader with posts from me I'm sorry. If there was a less annoying way to do it, I'd do it.

I think more than anything else, I missed writing about our life all the time. I love looking back through the archives of this blog and seeing what we were doing at a certain moment in time. What we were looking forward to, trying to accomplish, worrying about. I miss those posts and those pictures and I want to re-commit myself to writing down the memories because the days are so busy and our life together is so good, I don't want to forget a minute of it.

Happy Wednesday! I'm off to fold that load of laundry I opted to take a picture of instead of put away earlier.


P.S. It's our third anniversary today!! I really love this post I wrote last year about our weekend in the North Carolina mountains, celebrating our second year together. 


Internet at Home?

Alternative titles for this post: When a computer security specialist marries a dread headed hippie and they have to make a decision

I'm willing to bet that anyone reading this post has an internet connection at their home, because that's simply normal. Maybe these thoughts aren't relevant to you - or maybe they are. Maybe we've had these same thoughts, and it's so comforting to know you aren't alone. Is that reason enough to justify an entire post about whether or not to get internet at our house? I hope so. ;)

The entire internet vs. no internet debate started when we moved from our downtown townhouse to the little house we're in now, sometime around the end of last month. Our soon-to-be landlord told us there were several internet providers in the area, which he knew because he had several choices when choosing a provider for his own home which is less than a mile from our house. Cool! Perfect house, check. Back yard, check. Internet, check. To make a long story short, we had something more like two options. One that costed a bajillion dollars and has a terrible reputation of actually ever working in this area, and one that costs a little less than what we were paying, but for 1/5th the speed. Now, I don't know a whole lot about speed or megabits per second or what any of that means, but Mr. Securing the Home Network and-while-you're-at-it-change-your-passwords (aka my husband) wasn't thrilled with the options. I may not know a lot, but I know what 1/5th the speed of the old internet means. It means it will take freaking forever for me to upload pictures. NO THANKS, I thought at first. But then - is slow, expensive internet really better than no internet at all?

With the options looking slim, I started thinking how life could go on without internet at home. I mean, less screen time is always the goal, right? More time together, less time sitting at the computer...and we always have access on our phones if we really NEEDED to do something ... it was all making a lot of sense to me. Things I would miss included Skype dates, blogging in my pajamas, and backing up pictures. No interwebs at home would make school trickier for sure, but being forced to get out of the house (coffee shops, Panera, etc.) to submit school projects is probably a good idea anyways because as soon as I'm finished with work, my "reasons to leave the house" list is shockingly small.

And at the end of the day, my crunchy hippie heart just connects with a back to the earth way of living.

I poured all of this out to Thomas last night over dinner. We sat at our tiny two person table with fresh pink tulips in their new (thrifted) vase, and I just thought-dumped all of this out. He listened and nodded and asked questions and made points. I pointed out that we've already been living without the 'webs for weeks. 

Ultimately, we decided to get internet. And I feel good about our decision - because I'm sure a day is going to come where I say thank goodness we had internet today. Because it lets us have Netflix for movie night. Because it makes sense. Because it gives us options. And ultimately, because it's the base of so many of his hobbies. Games, writing, security competitions. The part that matters to me more than anything else is that we aren't doing it because it's convenient. We aren't just doing it because that's what you do. We thought, we talked, we made a decision. And at the end of the day, we're getting internet because I can live in a house with internet and pretend it's not there - but that doesn't work the other way around. Compromise in action, friends. 

I'm really curious - would you consider giving up internet in your home?