Sunday Dinner

We've started this new tradition. (And this tradition happens each Sunday, unless there's a three day weekend upon us, in which case we move it to Monday and behave as though it's Sunday, messy hair and all.)

On Sunday afternoon, after our hot mugs of chai have been lazily emptied, and the veggies for the upcoming week have been chopped, and after we're finished with all of the getting ready, we climb into our Subaru and drive to my sister's house. We talk about the future and hold hands, always stopping to mention how nice the weekend was. We talk about the books we're reading, the weather, anything, everything, and nothing at all.

The driveway is long and full of holes, we park in the grass and three fluffy black kittens come to greet us. We walk inside with ours arms full, only to be greeted by a pile of kids clamoring for our attention. Bags are set down, hugs are given, hello's are said, and the chorus of "will you read to me?" begins.

Rounds of charades are laughed over, food is served, plates are passed, and the meal goes by too quickly. Before I know it it's time for coats, talk of the work week ahead, and one by one the bowls make their way to the floor where they are met by an impatient puppy with an overeager appetite. Hugs are shared and the evening is over. We drive home as the sun sets and say wouldn't it be nice if the weekend lasted forever

Yes, indeed. Wouldn't it be nice.


Adele + My living room

I remember when 7:30 felt so early, which was basically last week. And now it's this week and I've been waking up at 5 and now I'm sitting here blogging and jamming to Adele like it's 2011 and I'm on my way to class. I could probably stand to use these new-found hours to do the obvious things, like shower or take a nap, but I miss this blog. I miss it in my heart when I'm falling asleep at night. I miss it like boxed macaroni and cheese. So I'm back at it, with this idea to blog each evening as part of my evening routine, which starts at 5pm. Because I think blogging around 5pm will provide a little more quality than early in the morning, but I didn't realize that until after I had started writing. Sorry. Blog about what you ask? Probably a lot of posts like this one, which will be so realistic and about-my-life that people will have too much time on their hands and start a GOMI thread about my blog. I kid.

There's a good chance I'll share too many pictures of this corner of our living room, because it's my favorite spot in the house and sometimes I just stand and stare at it. Homemaking or nesting or whatever we're calling it feels like art sometimes, and like art, I've decided, it doesn't always look the way you think it will when you start out. It's the effort and the experience that makes it beautiful, so maybe that's the take away here. Art is life. Your life is art. Make love to your life. Amen.


Hats for Sale!

Caps for Sale was one of my favorite books when I was a kid, and I still read it every time I see it sitting on someone's shelf. And when I was first typing a title for this post, it immediately popped into my mind.

I've been knitting these hats and they're amazing. Warm, squishy, stretchy, chunky, slouchy or cuffable - I'm in love. And I'm selling them on my Instagram account. They're $25 for a hat with a pom, and $22 for a hat without. I'll be listing them as I complete them, or you can get in touch with me about specific colors for a custom order! I've really been wanting to play with school colors lately so if anyone has that on the brain be sure to leave me a comment here or on Instagram! I'm @withwildlove over there. :) Happy New Year!